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Instant quoting

Prepare and send quotes in seconds

Personalised SMS

Choose from pre-defined SMS templates or customise your own

Upload pictures

Take photos or upload images

SMS credits

Purchase SMS credits

Instant acceptance of quotes

Customers can accept or reject a quote with a tap

Status of quotes

Check the status of all quotes, those that have been accepted, rejected or need to be followed up on

About The App

FixedViewService is a product developed for those that need to quote their customers for products and services.

Businesses face several challenges such as duplicate and manual legacy data entry methods, delays in receiving responses, difficulty with audit and performance measuring, missed opportunities on products and services plus more. FixedViewService helps you meet these challenges and makes your business more profitable.

Send customisable quotes and give customers an accurate idea of job costs. Say goodbye to paper and spreadsheets with fully-automated quoting. Save time with pre-defined templates, keep accurate records and easily track your quotes with FixedViewService, the easy to use mobile app.


Increase Revenue

Increase revenue on products and services

Cost Effective

Save costs on phone calls, printing, data entry plus more

Time Efficient

Instantly quote customers and receive responses fast

Increase in ROI

Efficiency, savings and growth realised quickly

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